We Bought a House

That’s right. We bought a house and this is the first time that I have even slowed down long enough to post to the blog without being extremely exhausted or sick. And to top it off, I haven’t really stopped to be stopping. I am at an Autism Society meeting and this is where I finally get a rest. My husband, on the other hand, has so much energy that I can’t keep up, or maybe it isn’t energy, but drive to get everything the way we want it. We are finally able to have a home to call our own and to do with what we want, but like any older house (built in 1986), it isn’t without it’s problems.

The house we ended up getting after starting to put in an offer on one, but quickly changing our mind due to location in a bad neighborhood and then putting in an offer on one in another city, seems to be the perfect house for us. It has four bedrooms, two and a half baths, a fenced-in backyard, extra room in the basement, and a one car garage. It honestly is a cute little house and Thatcher and Saul are making themselves right at home. My husband and I, on the other hand, are having a hard time with the stress of not being able to find our things and things we need still being packed. That will be a memory soon, but right now, it’s how we are living. That being said, a lot of our furniture is already in place, thanks to my husband. After a week of using two dorm fridges of different sizes and not really having the space in the kitchen to cook, we have brand new, stainless steel appliances that are so nice. We were never able to have such nice things living in an apartment. We also didn’t have a yard of any type where Thatcher and Saul could play without having to have restrictions on how far they could go.

There have also been other things going on that have made our move take more time to complete. For example, when we first moved to the city we are now in, we didn’t really have any kind of obligations. Thatcher wasn’t yet in school and we really didn’t know anyone. It was also December, which meant only family obligations. Now, Thatcher is in school, I am on the board for our local chapter of Autism Society, I am also volunteering to tutor one day a week, my husband teaches, and I provide community living support services to my son. He also has other therapies that he attends and there are meetings with the school. We are beginning to introduce Saul into the school environment beginning with one hour a day. And then there is my family and my family friends who have been so wonderful in helping us get out of the apartment and into the new house. I don’t think near as much would have gotten finished without them and my husband who has worked so hard to make everything perfect in our new house.

I absolutely love living in a house and am having a little trouble adjusting to not having to include an apartment number or letter since I spent more than the last decade doing so. But I love having this issue. I love that Thatcher and Saul are finally enjoying so much more space. I think that once everything is done and we can just go back to relaxing in the evening, most of the time, Donnie and I will enjoy it as much as Thatcher and Saul are already enjoying it.

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